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Support us in our efforts to continually improve our park, so that visitors can enjoy all that Gillies Creek Park has to offer now and in the future.

The more you support your community spaces, the more they can give back to you!

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Volunteer: Donate your Time

The philosophy of the Foundation is that the city does not have the resources to do all that is required to make the parks all that they can be. The city has realized that they cannot do everything themselves and has worked with the Foundation to address these issues. The relationship is built on trust and communication. Working together, we have made a difference.

The Foundation is looking for likeminded volunteers who have the time and energy to help. What is to be done next is based on who is available to make it happen. That could be you. And what is done could be affected by your participation.

Want to learn more? Contact Us about being a volunteer. 

Volunteer Form

Volunteer Form

Give your time to a park in Need!
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Donate Financially: Give to our Fund

The Gillies Creek Park Foundation is grateful to accept your gifts and donations from individuals, organizations, and most businesses to the park/future park system. See our Park Features Page and  Future Vision Page to further explore what projects your support helps with. The foundation considers and encourages creative ideas for donations as well. Please reach out if you need more information, or fill out the form below if you're ready to donate now. 

Thank you,

Gillies Creek


Donation Form

Everything helps. Thank you!

Thank you for your donation!

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