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This urban community park offers green space to 5 surrounding neighborhoods, and is just a few minutes away from downtown Richmond.

Enjoy your hobbies, get active, or find some peace and quiet in our space. 

We support diversity, education, and access to the outdoors for all.

About the Park

Who We Are

Who We Are

Gillies Creek Park Foundation is a group of volunteers, dreamers, and visionaries spread across diverse fields of skill and passions. The foundation comes together with ideas and resources that help to nourish the growth and success of the park.

Throughout the last 26+ years, volunteers have been working to complete the park, to keep near by roads in acceptable condition, to assist in tree planting and park/creek clean up parties, and to promote outdoor physical activity at minimum cost to the participant.



Carl Otto, a retired Navy

Commander and a local business owner in the Fulton Hill area, has been the President and Director of the Gillies Creek Park Foundation since 1989.

He has overseen the development and improvement of almost every feature of the park, even helping  to maintain Chimborazo Park (connects to Gillies Creek). Little by little, he has been working to establish full connectivity of all the Richmond Trail systems. 


He has done an amazing service to our community in bringing us together for the great outdoors here in the East End. We thank you Carl.

An honorable mention goes out to the other current and former board members and  of the foundation:


  • Trish Bernal

  • Peter Johnson

  • Timothy Roach

  • Gill Perkins

  •  Bobby Vickers

  • Juliellen Sarver



In the 1970’s, the City of Richmond, and the Housing and Urban Design (HUD) federal agency joined forces and redeveloped Fulton. All of the existing structures in the Project Area were torn down and a mix of residential east of Williamsburg Ave. and industrial west of Williamsburg Ave. were to be built.

As part of this project, the area inside the 100 year flood plan was designated for a park of about 29 acres. In 1983, some trees were planted, the ball field was created with lights, and the soccer field was graded.


Partners of the Park System


of the Park 

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